1. MBV


    "Like seeing a friend who has been away for 20 years, only to realise that the things you loved about them haven’t changed, and that being with them still makes you feel warm, happy and joyous. I expected nothing new, but so far have gained something different, but familiar, and am well pleased." Biophillic

    Couldn’t agree more with that review. 

    It’s fun to imagine how many people spent this past weekend cooped up in their rooms spending alone time with their old loves. And how many people came into work this Monday feeling like they are 21 years younger, capable of having butterflies in your stomach (and maybe shedding a tear over something unexpectedly beautiful) once more. 

    I think the key to enjoying this album as a long time fan is to approach it with unconditional love. Based on the negative reviews and comments I’ve read, it seems like the only problem they had with the album was that it didn’t meet their expectations. That’s exactly where their problem lies. Why should Kevin Shields care what your expectations are? He took 21 sweet years to release a follow up album to Loveless, do you really think he gives a shit.

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